1. Dehydration and Draying Combined Treatment Technology

Characteristics and Benefits

- A single filter press integrating dehydrator and dryer(No separate drying equipment needed) - Energy efficient drying method using hot water and vacuum(below 90 Celsius temp.) - Selection of Dehydration or Dehydration+Drying mode(Operation mode selectable by user) - Fully automated high pressure dewatering control - Control of slurry cake water content level(Water content level adjusted by drying time manipulation) - Reduction of Process Cycle Time


- Drinking and Industrial Water Treatment - Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Solid and Liquid Separation Process for Material Production - Steam and Waste Heat Utilization Drying Process

Dehydration and Drying combined Treatment Technology Components

- MMI & Control Panel
- Dehydration and Combination Filter Press Body
- Drying and other Auxiliary Facilities

2. Development of low energy type sludge drying system technology using integrated drying and dehydration and oxidation ORC power generation (Under Development)